It May be Time to Renew Your Coverage

Based on the month you signed up for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program), it may be time to renew your health coverage. Learn what to do with our help!

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What is a Renewal?

Every year, the state checks if you still qualify for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program). This check is called “the renewal process.”

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Why Are Renewals Important?

To avoid a gap in health coverage you must fill out the renewal packet, sign it and send it back right away. We want you to stay healthy!

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What You Can Do

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Update Your Address

Have you moved recently?
Don’t miss important health coverage info! Let Health First Colorado (Medicaid), or your county know. Update your contact info on or call your county today!

Update Address

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Watch For Important Mail and Email


You will get a renewal packet in the mail and online at about 60-70 days before your renewal deadline.


More About Renewals

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Need Help with Your Renewal?


Find free help at a certified application assistance site (CAAS) near you.

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What if I no longer qualify?


If you no longer qualify for Health First Colorado, you still have health coverage options.


See My Options

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Helpful Tips About Renewals


For assistance contact your local Department of Human Services

Contact Health Colorado and a representative will assist you with any questions – Call 888-502-4185; TTY: 800-432-9553, State Relay 711

Contact Health Colorado with any questions.